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2017 Resolutions
Resolution #   Subject  Date Adopted
01-2017 Approval of Topper Boundary Line Adjustment - Lots 21 and 23 Mulberry Grove PUD 1/10/2017
02-2017 Approval of a Boundary Line Adjustment for Lots 1 and 2 of the ROUFA Subdivision

03-2017 A resolution approving a conditional use permit concerning housing on the ground floor for the Mill Creek multi-family housing project on property located at 1780 East Mill Creek Drive in the C-4, general commercial zone
04-2017  A resolution conditionally approving the final plats for phases 4-7 of the Entrada at Moab master planned development located at 650 West 400 North 1/23/2017 
05-2017  A resolution to require the United States Department of Energy to allocate adequate funding to complete the Moab UMTRA remediation project by 2025  1/23/2017

A resolution amending the fiscal year 2016-2017 annual budget to public hearing on February 14, 2017

07-2017 A resolution of the governing body of the City of Moab declaring certain property owned by the City of Moab as surplus
08-2017 A resolution approving the improvements agreement for the slot canyon renovation project at 245 Williams Way 2/14/2017
09-2017 A resolution approving an improvements agreement for the Moab Bolt Project located in the C-1, commercial residential zone at 245 W. North Mi Vida Drive 4/25/2017
10-2017 A resolution approving an improvements agreement for the Buen Camino boundary line adjustment located in the R-2 single and two-family residential zone at 469 Bowen Circle
11-2017 A resolution recommending the adoption of the Moab Area Affordable Housing Plan as an addendum to the City of Moab General Plan  2/14/2017
12-2017 A resolution amending the fee schedule for Moab city parks
13-2017 A resolution of the Moab City Council and Mayor establishing renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for Moab City
14-2017 A resolution approving a zoning status agreement for the Lionsback Resort
15-2017 A resolution authorizing the issuance of not to exceed $15,000,000 in Wastewater Revenue Bonds of the City of Moab, Grand County, Utah and calling of a public hearing to receive input with respect to the issuance of such Bonds and any potential impact to the private sector from the construction of the Project
16-2017 Conditional Approval of Phase II, Valley View Subdivision, Located in the R-2 Zone on Property Adjacent to Mill Creek Drive
17-2017 A resolution approving the improvements agreement for the final plat of phase II of Valley View Subdivision on property located in the R-2 zoning district 2/28/2017
18-2017 A resolution approving the golf course lease agreement pending
19-2017 A resolution  approving the City of Moab 2017-2018 permanent Community Impact Fund Board (CIB) comprehensive projects list
20-2017 A resolution conditionally approving the final plat for the Dee Subdivision, on property located in the R-2 zoning district 3/14/2017

A resolution amending the fee schedule for the City Of Moab Recreation Department

22-2017 A resolution of the governing body of the City of Moab allowing found propery bicycles to be donated to non-profit organizations, the Grand County Middle School and the Multi-Cultural Center and sending all other valuable property to propertyroom.com for disposition
A Resolution Approving The Employment Agreement By And Between The City Of Moab And David Everitt For The Position Of City Manager
24-2017 A resolution adopting changes in the City of Moab sewer rate structure 
25-2017 A resolution approving the Improvements Agreement for Hyatt Place on property located at 890 North Main Street in the C-4 Zone 4/25/2017
26-2017 A resolution approving the Vacation of an Unused City Water Line Easement on Property Located in Grand County at 2720 East Bench Road
27-2017 Approving Phase II of the Portal RV Master Planned Development on Property Located at 1261 North Hwy 191 in the RC, Resort Commercial Zone
28-2017 A resolution adopting the 2017 City of Moab General Plan Update 7/211/2017
29-2017 A resolution approving a municipal wastewater planning program
30-2017 A resolution by the Moab City Council to adopt the City of Moab tentative budget for fiscal year 2017-2018 and setting a public hearing for review of the final budget on May 9, 2017 at 7:15 PM
31-2017 A resolution adopting the fiscal year 2017/2018 budget
32-2017 A resolution approving the Guia Estates Subdivision, a three-lot minor subdivision of property located at 2 Rosalie Court
33-2017 A resolution approving an interlocal agreement by and between the City of Moab and Grand County pertaining to the joint funding of an economic study to evaluate the feasibility and design of an assured housing ordinance  5/9/2017
34-2017 A resolution amending the City of Moab business license fee schedule for the purpose of changing special event fees  5/9/2017
 35-2017 A resolution authorizing delinquent terminated utility accounts to be written off of the accounting system
37-2017 A resolution approving the affordable housing goals for 2017/2018 fiscal year 5/23/2017
38-2017 A resolution adopting rules of procedure for city council meeting and hearing 5/23/2017
39-2017  A resolution authorizing the City Manager to negotiate and execute on behalf of the City an employment contract with the Police Chief 6/13/2017
 40-2017 A resolution amending the fiscal year 2016-2017 budget 6/27/2017
 41-2017 A resolution urging the public service commission to develop an energy generation system 6/13/2017
 42-2017 A resolution for approval of the Two-lot Desert Towers Minor Subdivision on property located at 261 East 200 South in the R-3 zone 6/27/2017
43-2017 A resolution approving the Three-lot Silversteinville NE Subdivision on property located at 368 E 100 North in the R-3 zone  6/27/2017
 44-2017 A resolution revising culinary water use fees and connection fees  7/11/2017
 45-2017 A resolution adopting an interlocal agreement for the provision of election services by and between the City of Moab and Grand County  6/27/2017
 46-2017 A resolution adopting the water system design criteria manual, wastewater system design criteria manual, and APWA manual of standard specifications (Utah chapter)  8/8/2017
 47-2017 A resolution amending the fee schedule for Moab City Sports, the Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center and the Moab Arts and Recreation Center  7/11/2017
 48-2017  A resolution establishing wastewater service rates  7/25//2017
 49-2017 A resolution for conditional approval of the final plat of phase 7 of the Moab Springs Ranch PUD located at 1266 North Hwy 191 in the C-4 zoning district  8/22/2017
 50-2017 A resolution authorizing the current City Manager on behalf of the City of Moab to enter into a contract for the provision of future City Manager recruitment services  8/22/2017
 51-2017 A resolution updating the City of Moab's 2017-2018 permanent Community Impact Board Comprehensive projects list  8/22/2017
 52-2017 A resolution restricting the parking of semi-trucks on city streets and Highway 191 right-of-way within city limits  
 53-2017 A resolution approving the employment agreement by and between the city of Moab and David Everitt for the position of City Manager  9/26/2017

A resolution approving the subdivision improvements agreement for the final plat of Moab Springs Ranch, phase 7, on property located at 1266 North Highway 191 


A resolution approving an extension of the existing solid waste collection franchise agreement


A resolution in support of extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; permanent legal status for dreamers; and urging Utah’s entire congressional delegation to support the passage of Permanent Dream Act legislation within six months


A resolution concerning victim targeting

 58-2017  A resolution amending the FY 2017-2018 annual budget  12/12/2017
 59-2017  A resolution authorizing the Mayor on behalf of the City of Moab to sign a memorandum of understanding with Utah State University and Grand County regarding the proposed USU branch campus development  11/14/2017
 60-2017 A resolution adopting the City of Moab Health Reimbursement Arrangement Plan and Summary Plan Description Documents for 2018  11/14/2017

A resolution to conditionally approve the plat of the Buen Camino Boundary Line Adjustment Located at 459 and 469 Bowen Circle in the R-2, Single-and Two- Family Residential Zone 


A resolution approving an interlocal agreement as to the provision of county-wide recreation services, by and among the City of Moab, the Grand County Special Services Recreation District and the Grand County School District


A resolution approving the first amendment to development improvements agreement for the Slot Canyon renovation project at 245 Williams Way