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2018 Resolutions

Resolution #   Subject  Date Adopted
01-2018 a resolution establishing storm water utility rates 1/9/2018
02-2018 a resolution revising miscellaneous culinary water use fees and clarifying rates for multiple residential dwellings that share a water meter 1/9/2018
03-2018 a resolution modifying waste hauling rates void
04-2018 a resolution approving a sanitary sewer master plan 1/9/2018
05-2018  a resolution approving the easement agreement for emergency and construction access to properties along the 200 south right-of-way 1/9/2018
 06-2018  a resolution authorizing the current city manager on behalf of the city of moab to enter into a contract for the provision of financial forecasting services  1/22/2018
 07-2018  a resolution of the governing body declaring certain property owned by the city of moab as surplus  2/13/2018
 08-2018 a resolution amending the park and facilities fee schedule for the center street gym 2/13/2018
 09-2018 a resolution memorializing the designation of councilmembers and staff as liaisons to various community boards and organzations  2/13/2018
 10-2018 a resolution memorializing the moab city planning and zoning commissions priorities for 2018  2/13/2018
 11-2018  a resolution modifying the waste hauling rates  2/13/2018
 12-2018   a resolution endorsing the city of moab 2018-2019 administrative work plan  2/13/2018
 13-2018 a resolution to maintain local zoning authority over short-term rental uses  rescinded on 3/13/18
 14-2018  a resolution supporting the proposed arches national park reservation system  pending
 15-2018  A Resolution Approving the City of Moab Biking Routes Plan
 16-2018 A Resolution Of The Governing Body Of The City Of Moab Declaring Certain Property
Owned By The City Of Moab As Surplus

 17-2018 A resolution requesting the Utah Division of Water Rights to limit new allocations within Spanish Valley 4/10/2018
 18-2018 a revised resolution to maintain local zoning authority over short-term rental uses 3/13/2018
 19-2018 a resolution in support of Utah Department of Transportation funding request 3/20/2018
 20-2018 A resolution regarding participation in Grand County EMS special service district 3/20/2018
 21-2018 A resolution approving a Boundary Line Adjustment for Lots 51 and 52 of the Bowen Plan, Nichols-Bowen Subdivision as submitted by Buster J. Nelson 4/10/2018
 22-2018 A resolution by the Moab City Council to adopt the city of Moab tentative budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 and setting a public hearing date for review of the final budget on May 8, 2018 at 7:15 PM  Pending
 23-2018 A resolution adopting the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget for the City of Moab  Pending