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2018 Resolutions

A Resolution Adopting a Recommendation from the UMTRA Site Futures Committee
Resolution #   Subject  Date Adopted
01-2018 a resolution establishing storm water utility rates 1/9/2018
02-2018 a resolution revising miscellaneous culinary water use fees and clarifying rates for multiple residential dwellings that share a water meter 1/9/2018
03-2018 a resolution modifying waste hauling rates void
04-2018 a resolution approving a sanitary sewer master plan 1/9/2018
05-2018  a resolution approving the easement agreement for emergency and construction access to properties along the 200 south right-of-way 1/9/2018
 06-2018  a resolution authorizing the current city manager on behalf of the city of moab to enter into a contract for the provision of financial forecasting services  1/22/2018
 07-2018  a resolution of the governing body declaring certain property owned by the city of moab as surplus  2/13/2018
 08-2018 a resolution amending the park and facilities fee schedule for the center street gym 2/13/2018
 09-2018 a resolution memorializing the designation of councilmembers and staff as liaisons to various community boards and organzations  2/13/2018
 10-2018 a resolution memorializing the moab city planning and zoning commissions priorities for 2018  2/13/2018
 11-2018  a resolution modifying the waste hauling rates  2/13/2018
 12-2018   a resolution endorsing the city of moab 2018-2019 administrative work plan  2/13/2018
 13-2018 a resolution to maintain local zoning authority over short-term rental uses  rescinded on 3/13/18
 14-2018  a resolution supporting the proposed arches national park reservation system  pending
 15-2018  A Resolution Approving the City of Moab Biking Routes Plan
 16-2018 A Resolution Of The Governing Body Of The City Of Moab Declaring Certain Property
Owned By The City Of Moab As Surplus

 17-2018 A resolution requesting the Utah Division of Water Rights to limit new allocations within Spanish Valley 4/10/2018
 18-2018 a revised resolution to maintain local zoning authority over short-term rental uses 3/13/2018
 19-2018 a resolution in support of Utah Department of Transportation funding request 3/20/2018
 20-2018 A resolution regarding participation in Grand County EMS special service district 3/20/2018
 21-2018 A resolution approving a Boundary Line Adjustment for Lots 51 and 52 of the Bowen Plan, Nichols-Bowen Subdivision as submitted by Buster J. Nelson 4/10/2018
 22-2018 A resolution by the Moab City Council to adopt the city of Moab tentative budget for fiscal year 2018-2019 and setting a public hearing date for review of the final budget on May 8, 2018 at 7:15 PM 4/24/2018
 23-2018 A resolution adopting the 2018-2019 fiscal year budget for the City of Moab  5/22/2018
 24-2018 A Resolution Authorizing Delinquent Terminated Accounts to be Written Off of the Accounting System  5/22/2018
 25-2018 A Resolution Authorizing Signatories at Financial Institutions Void
 26-2018 A Resolution Initiating Proceedings To Amend City Ordinances To Enact An Assured Housing Policy
 27-2018 A Resolution Amending Rules of Procedure for City Council Meetings and Hearings 6/12/2018
 28-2018  A Resolution Designating Depositories for Moab City Financial Accounts 6/12/2018
 29-2018 A Resolution Of The City Council Of The City Of Moab, Utah (The “Issuer”), Authorizing The Issuance And Sale Of Not More Than $800,000 Aggregate Principal Amount Of Sales Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2018 (The “Bonds”); Fixing The Maximum Aggregate Principal Amount Of The Bonds, The Maximum Number Of Years Over Which The Bonds May Mature, The Maximum Interest Rate Which The Bonds May Bear, And The Maximum Discount From Par At Which The Bonds May Be Sold; Delegating To Certain Officers Of The Issuer The Authority To Approve The Final Terms And Provisions Of The Bonds Within The Parameters Set Forth Herein; Providing For The Publication Of A Notice Of Public Hearing And Bonds To Be Issued; Providing For The Running Of A Contest Period And Setting Of A Public Hearing Date; Authorizing And Approving The Execution Of A Supplemental Master Resolution And Other Documents Required In Connection Therewith; Authorizing The Taking Of All Other Actions Necessary To The Consummation Of The Transactions Contemplated By This Resolution; And Related Matters.
 30-2018 A Resolution of the Governing Body of the City of Moab Declaring Certain Property Owned by the City of Moab as Surplus  7/10/2018
31-2018  A Resolution Concerning the Authorization of the Governor's Office of Energy Development (OED) to Conduct the Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy District (Utah C-PACE District), within Moab as the Governing Body ("Governing Body")  7/10/2018
32-2018 A Resolution Urging Congress to Levy a Revenue-Neutral Fee on the Carbon on Fossil Fuels  7/10/2018
33-2018  A Resolution Adopting a Schedule Adjustment for the Wastewater Service Rates 8/14/2018
34-2018 A Resolution to Change Septage Hauling Fees Pending
35-2018 A Resolution to Adopt Guidelines and Procedures for Community Contributions 9/10/2018
36-2018  A Resolution to Amend the Hyatt Development Agreement Pending
37-2018  A Resolution Regarding the Issuance and Sale of not more than $800,000 aggregate principal amount of sales tax bonds, series 2018 Pending
38-2018  A Resolution of the city Council of the City of Moab, Utah Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of Not more than $16,7000,000 Aggregate Principal Amount of Wastewater Revenue and Refunding Bonds Series 2018, Series 2018 and Related Matters  7/25/18
39-2018  A Resolution endorsing the City of Moab's Communication Plan and Policies  7/25/18
 40-2018  A Resolution Adopting a Culinary Water Distribution and Storage Master Plan  10/23/2018
 41-2018  A Resolution Adopting Portal Vista Phase 3 Subdivision  Pending
 42-2018 A Resolution Supporting the 2018 Update to the Community Vision for Future Uses of the Moab UMTRA Project Site 9/10/2018
 43-2018  A Resolution Approving An Interlocal Agreement With The Grand County Community Reinvestment Agency Authorizing The Agency To Conduct Project Area Development Activities Within The City
 44-2018 A Resolution to Adopt Geologic Hazards Maps of Moab and Utah Geological Survey Special Study 162 10/9/2018
 45-2018 Park Policy  Pending
 46-2018 A Resolution Amending the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Annual Budget 10/23/2018
 47-2018 A Resolution Approving A Boundary Line Adjustment For Lots 1 And 2 Of The Power House Subdivision, Amendment #2 As Submitted By Andrew Riley
 48-2018 A Resolution confirming the appointment of the City Treasurer and authorizing the Mayor to execute an employment agreement  10/9/2018
 49-2018  Bonding for Walnut Lane real estate 10/23/2018

Acquisition of Real Property Located at 193 West Walnut Lane

 51-2018  A Resolution Approving an Extension of Time for the Construction of Required Public Improvements for Buen Camino, a Lot Line Adjustment in the R-2 at 459 and 469 Bowen Circle 11/13/2018