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2018 Ordinances
Ordinances #   Subject  Date Adopted

An ordinance amending the City of Moab municipal code, sections 17.20, 17.21, 17.24, 17.27, 17.30, 17.31, 17.35, 17.42, 17.45, 17.48, 17.51, and 17.54 pertaining to uses in the specific zones; amending chapter 17.06.020 definitions; amending section 17.69 secondary dwelling units to read “accessory dwelling units”; and repealing chapters 17.09.530 and 17.09.531, conditional uses

 2018-02 An ordinance amending the city of moab municipal code, title 10 vehicles and traffic , chapter 10.04, vehicle code; specifically the recently amended section 10.04.230, to further clarify restrictions for vehicles parked while idling or running 2/27/2018
 2018-03  An Ordinance Amending City Procurement Procedures, Amending Certain Ethics Provisions, and Providing for Disclosure of Transactions in Which City Employees or Officials may have a Personal Interest
 2018-04 An ordinance amending and repealing certain provisions in title 2 of the Moab municipal code pertaining to elected officers, appointment of officials, the planning commission, certain advisory boards, and records request fees. 4/10/2018
 2018-05  an ordinance to amend chapter 5.20.660 of the Moab municipal code by adding Lions Park to the list of city facilities where alcohol may be permitted by the city council  3/13/2018
 2018-06 An ordinance amending the city of Moab Municipal Code, sections 17.06.020 amending the definition pertaining to flag shaped or panhandle lots and amending 17.12.170, policy pertaining to flag-shaped or panhandle lots, with the addition of the design standards  4/24/2018
2018-07 An ordinance to amend Moab municipal code section 13.25.020 applicability, time of payment, and exemptions, to specify that impact fees for sewer and water shall be collected at issuance of building permits

 2018-08  Water and Sewer Impact Fee Revisions  5/22/2018
 2018-09 Changes to Title 12.8.60 Fees in lieu of construction of improvements 4/10/2018
 2018-10 An Ordinance Amending Moab Municipal Code Chapter 17.36.020, Use Requirements, To Include The Use Of Professional Offices In The I-1, Industrial Zone
 2018-11 An ordinance adopting the City of Moab Pay Plan Schedule and Adopting the Exempt and Elected Officials Salaries for Fiscal Year 2018-2019  6/26/2018
 2018-12 An ordinance enacting a temporary land use regulation with respect to new lodging uses pending completion of an assured housing study and ordinance Void--see Resolution 26-2018
2018-13  An ordinance imposing a temporary ban on the discharge of fireworks within the City  06/12/2018
2018-14  An ordinance amending the Moab Municipal Code (MMC) with the addition of a new chapter 15.28, Outdoor Lighting  pending 

An Ordinance Modifying Business Licensing, Special Event Permitting, And Street Performer Permitting Processes And Requirements (Titles 4 & 5)

2018-16  An ordinance modifying wastewater connection fees and connection procedures pending
2018-17 An Ordinance Adopting Section 8.04.065 of the Moab Municipal Code That Prohibits the Distribution of Disposable Single-Use Carryout Plastic Bags 9/10/2018 
 2018-18  Creation of a City Finance Director position 9/10/2018
 2018-19  An Ordinance Amending Moab Municipal Code With The Addition Of A New Chapter 17.68, Planned Affordable Development (Pad) As A High Density Affordable Housing Overlay
 2018-20 An ordinance adopting new Chapter 17.69 of the Moab Municipal Code providing for an Assured Workforce Housing Policy and renumbering existing Chapter 17.69, Accessory Dwelling Units, as Chapter 17.70.  pending
2018-21  An Ordinance Adopting the Community Reinvestment Project Area Plan for the South Moab Community Reinvestment Project Area Pending 
 2018-22 An ordinance amending Moab Municipal Code Section 17.67.020, Site Plan Required - Exemptions, Paragraph B, to allow residential development of up to and including six multi-household dwellings without a site plan review  Pending
 2018-23 An ordinance of the governing body of Moab annexing the Hansen-Holyoak properties to the City of Moab.  Pending