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2014 Ordinances
Ordinance #   Subject  Date Adopted
amendment of the RC zone chapter 17.31.040 F 2 D signage

an ordinance amending moab municipal code chapter 17.09, specifically adding a new section 17.09.540, home occupations and adding a new reference to chapter 17.09.540, in section 5.08.010 D

 2014-03 an ordinance adopting moab municipal code section 5.21 regulating the retail sale of tobacco products  02/11/2014

 2014-04 an ordinance officially naming riverview drive - the existing frontage road adjacent to higghway 191 upon which are located the addresses known as 1551 north highway 191 and 1653 north highway 191 06/24/2014

 2014-05 an ordinance amending the city of moab classified hourly pay rate schedule and exempt and elected officials salary 06/24/2014
 2014-06 an ordinance to amend the moab municipal code, title 17.32, sensitive area resort zone, and specifically chapter 17.32.030, area, width, and location requirements   Failed

 2014-07 an ordinance to adopt the 2012 internal building code plus appendices G and J, 2012 international residential code, 2012 international plumbing code plus appendix c, 2012 international fuel gas code, 2012 international energy conservation code, 2012 international property maintenance code, 2012 international fire code, 1997 uniform code for the abatement of dangerous buildings and american national standards institute 117.1-2009  08/12/2014
 2014-08 an ordinance approving the vacation of a portion of colorado avenue public right-of-way as platted in the palisades subdivision, plat "A", and amending lot 6, block 4, lot 18, block 2, and lots 17a and 17b and accepting a dedication of property to maintain the right-of-way width of fifty feet and realigning the colorado avenue right-of-way
2014-09 amending MMc section 17.09.350 Motor Vehicle Access.
 2014-10 an ordinance to amend the moab municipal code, title 15.44, buildings and construction, and specifically, sections 15.44.070, intermittent light, flashing or moving lights prohibited, and 15.44.390, B.7., definitions, to allow computerized mechanical changes to gas prices on fuel facility signs
 2014-11 temporary land use regulation regarding short term rentals VOID