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Interlocal Agreements
Agency   Subject  Date
 GC SS Recreation District Recreation Services with School District and Grand County  12/12/2017
 Grand County  Election Services from Grand County Clerk's Office  6/27/2017
 Spanish Valley Water & Sewer  Amendment #1 to ILA for facility costs  5/23/2017
 Spanish Valley Water & Sewer ILA  2016
 Grand County  Lions Park Maintenance  11/25/2014
Grand County Pertaining to the Transfer of Trail Grant Funds 01/28/2014
 Canyonlands Health Care SSD  Seeded contract ILA-DSH funding  11/15/2012
 Grand County  Amendment #1 to ILA for transit hub bike path  6/26/2012
Grand County Pertaining to the Cooperation between the City and the County with Respect to Joint Planning for and Funding of Improvements Needed to Accommodate Future Growth and Development Along Millcreek Drive and Highway 191

Grand County
Pertaining to the Joint Funding of Bike Path Improvements Along US-191 from 500 West to the Transit Hub

Grand County
As to the Creation and Administration of an Affordable Housing Task Force by and between Grand County, The City of Moab and the Housing Authority of Southeastern Utah

Grand County
Mill Creek-Spanish Valley Dr. to Murphy Lane - Reconstruction

Grand County
Memorandum of Understanding - for Development, Operation and Management of Lions Park, Trail and Transportation Hub

Grand County Pertaining to the Joint Funding of Roadway Improvements to Mill Creek Drive

 GCRSSD  Joint Financing of a Recreation Center  10/28/2008
Grand County
Provision of Film Commission Services for Grand County

Grand County Provision of Special Event Law Enforcement Services 08/12/2008
Grand County
Provision of Landscape Maintenance for the Family Support Center 03/04/2008
 Grand County  Film Commission Services  9/18/2007
Grand County
Cooperative Design, Construction and Maintenance of Seven Locator Boards for the Downtown Area of the City of Moab

Grand County
Provision of Animal Control and Animal Shelter Services for Grand County
Grand County
Funding of Economic Development Incubator Services for the Development of a Digital Media Industry Cluster
Grand/San Juan County
Forming a Cooperative Drug Enforcement Task Force

Grand County Food Bank Lease 06/11/2004 
Grand County Creation, Funding and Administration of a Cooperative Drug Law Enforcement Task Force  10/18/2005 
Grand County Funding of the Moab Area Economic Development Office 06/13/2000