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Mutual Commitment Criteria

To Declare a Mutual Commitment the mutual declares must swear or affirm the following:

  • We are solely and mutually committed to each other;
  • We are eighteen years of age or older;  
  • We are unmarried according to the laws of the State of Utah;
  • We are competent to contract; 
  • We currently share a primary residence within Moab city limits; 
  • We agree to file a termination of the mutual commitment if there is a change in the status of our relationship such that we cease to meet the criteria for mutual commitment;  
  • We are directly dependent upon, or interdependent with, each other, sharing a common financial obligation that is evidenced by acceptable documentation

You must also present three of the following to the Moab City Recorder to demonstrate your mutual financial obligations:

  • A joint loan obligation, mortgage, lease or joint ownership of real property or a vehicle;  
  • A life insurance policy, retirement benefits account, or will or trust of one declarant designating the other declarant as beneficiary thereto, or will or trust of one declarant which designates the other declarant as executor or successor trustee;  
  • A mutually granted power of attorney for purposes of healthcare or financial management;  
  • Proof showing that one declarant is authorized to sign for purposes of the other declarant’s bank or credit account;  
  • Proof of a joint bank or credit account.