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Mutual Commitment Registry
City Council Makes a Commitment to the Community

The Moab City Council Approved Ordinance # 2013 - 18 on October 22, 2013 and enacted Moab Municipal Code Section 9.44 MUTUAL COMMITMENT REGISTRY

The City found that it is within its powers and duties to ensure that its citizens have access to adequate health benefits and other basic privileges. 

The City of Moab and other employers within city limits may elect to provide health benefits and other benefits to people who are in relationships of mutual commitment but who are not married, such as adult dependents, people in same or opposite sex relationships, people in committed friendships, or other types of familial relationships. 

The City of Moab found that it is in the City’s purview to help facilitate the provision of health care benefits and other privileges in cases in which two individuals desire to declare that they have a relationship of mutual commitment, support and caring, and that they participate in the financial and physical welfare of each other and plan to continue to do so. 

Two individuals may wish to declare such a relationship and to designate one another as the recipients of such benefits and privileges by making a Declaration of Mutual Commitment.

The City offers a mechanism whereby such individuals may make such a declaration by establishing a Mutual Commitment Registry.

Mutual Commitments may be declared at the Moab City Recorder’s Office.  We recommend calling to make an appointment (435-259-2683), however forms are available online or in person.  All forms must be signed in person, in the presence of the City Recorder.