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Youth and Adult Sports

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1. Where is the Moab City Recreation Department located?
2. What are the hours of operation for the Moab City Recreation Department?
3. What is the phone number for the Moab City Recreation Department?
4. What does the Recreation Department do?
5. What sponsorship opportunities exist through the Recreation Department?
6. How can I become a coach for a City Recreation program or sport?
7. How are teams formed through the draft process?
8. How are teams formed without a draft?
9. What do I need to register for a program?
10. Why do I need a credit card to register for a program online?
11. How is my credit card information stored?
12. How do I register more than one child?
13. What if my child lives with both parents but at different addresses?
14. Can I register my friend or family member’s children for City Recreation programs?
15. How do I know that registration for a Moab City Recreation Program is complete?
16. What happens if during the registration process my computer crashes, my browser closes or there is some other reason the registration process stops unexpectedly?
17. I try to log in to the City Recreation registration system, but when I do it kicks me out and I have to log in again and I get in a never ending loop...what's this all about?
18. My child is not within the posted age requirements. How do I register?
19. I’ve forgotten or misplaced my password for the City Recreation registration system; what do I need to do?
20. What is your refund policy?
21. Why am I being charged a $5 late registration fee?
22. May I pay using a credit card that is not in the same name as the name of the online-account holder?