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City Parks - Rotary Park

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  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Amphitheater
  3. Basketball Court
  4. Bike Trail
  5. Chairs
  6. Deposit 100-300 people
  7. Deposit more than 301 people
  8. Grill
  9. Musical Instruments
  10. Parking
  11. Pavilion- 4 hours or more
  12. Pavilion-4 hours or less
  13. Picnic Areas
  14. Picnic Tables
  15. Playground
  16. Restrooms
  17. Volleyball
  18. Water

Rotary Park, a three-acre sanctuary, is located on Mill Creek Drive and offers a shady, quiet refuge from the desert sun. It is equipped with a children's playground, a covered shelter house with picnic tables, barbecue grills, a sports court, an amphitheater, and public restrooms. A native hummingbird garden and a tree house gazebo complement the grounds. Rotary Park connects with the Mill Creek Parkway trail system. When renting Rotary Park you are renting the Pavilion and/or volleyball court. The rest of the park remains open to the public.

Recycling at the Park
The City of Moab encourages recycling as part of events and activities at Rotary Park. Recycling saves water, lowers air pollution, creates jobs, preserves natural areas and promotes personal responsibility. Recycling matters, and the City has recycle bins available for park visitor use at no charge. 


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