What happens now that we have cases of COVID-19 in Utah?

Utah’s public health system has plans and procedures in place that are designed to help limit the spread of infection within our community. These plans and procedures include isolating ill people and quarantining people who may have been exposed, as well as canceling school, church, and community events.

On March 13, Governor Gary Herbert announced that all public and charter schools in the state will be dismissed for at least two weeks as part of a "soft closure.” On March 23, Gov. Herbert announced that schools will remain closed until May 1.

On March 15, the CDC limited gatherings, community events, and other types of assemblies to no more than 50 total individuals, which must maintain 6 feet of space between themselves for social distancing.

On March 16, the CDC and President Donald Trump recommended Americans promote further social distancing and limit gatherings to no more than 10 individuals at a time.

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