Property and Sales Taxes

The City of Moab does not have a city property tax. The city does collect sales taxes: A Resort Community Sales Tax of 1.6%, a Highway Tax of 0.30%. The City also receives a portion of the State of Utah Sales Tax of 1.0%. These taxes taken together equal 2.9%. These taxes, collected on retail sales, total 1.75%, and are in addition to state and other sales taxes. 

Visitors & County Taxes

Visitors staying in city overnight accommodations pay an additional 1.5% transient room tax, along with other state and county taxes. Property taxes are collected by Grand County, the Grand School District, and various local and regional taxing entities (water conservancy, mosquito abatement, fire protection, etc.) 

For information about property taxes, call the Grand County Assessor, 435-259-1327.