Open Gym Programs

Enjoy your community gym and please respect it! 

  • The Center Street Gym is currently open from 12pm - 3pm Monday - Thursday for open gym time! We also have scheduled times for specific adult sports such as Pickleball, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer and Basketball (please see our Adult Programs Page or view the Gym calendar below for dates and times). If you are interested in adding a new program to our calendar, please put in a request here or call us at 435-259-2255. 
  • Only water is permitted in the gym (no food or other beverages, please). 
  • Help us protect the flooring. Clean up any spills that may occur or notify us in the downstairs office if you need help. No plastic or metal edges of any kind are allowed inside the gym.
  • Turn off all lights when not in use to preserve energy. 
  • Return all equipment neatly where it belongs. 
  • Make sure that the entrance doors and ball carts are locked up after use. 
  • Report any suspicious activity to the Moab City Sports and Recreation Department @ 435-259-2255. 

Contact Us 

Call us at 435-259-2255 to inquire!