Kane Creek Boulevard Design Improvements

The City of Moab is in the process of designing upgrades to Kane Creek Boulevard. A series of public meetings will be held throughout the process to solicit ideas and input from Moab residents and to keep the community informed about the project's progress and expected timeline. Watch this page for future updates.


As part of the design process, Moab City held an Open House on April 27 to take public input on the preliminary design elements for Kane Creek Boulevard.

At the open house, residents viewed the different proposed improvements and provided feedback based on their own vision for the future appearance and elements of the Kane Creek Boulevard design. Displays addressed aesthetic improvements, accessibility, crosswalks, on-street parking, conservation, landscaping, and other elements. The design team continues to take the feedback from residents and businesses, and where appropriate incorporate it into the final design.


The design team sought input from adjacent residents and businesses on initial improvement concepts during a March 22 stakeholder meeting at Moab City Hall. City staff and the design team took comments and are working to incorporate the ideas into the proposed improvements when feasible.

Kane Creek Preliminary Street Design 

View the street design concepts presented during the April 27 Community Open House. Questions or comments? Email communication@moabcity.org. All questions or comments will be forwarded to the consultant teams. 

Click images below to view full PDF versions.

Kane Creek Boulevard West End Preliminary DesignKane Creek - East End Opens in new window

Kane Creek Boulevard East End Preliminary Design

Kane Creek -West End  Opens in new window

Kane Creek Boulevard Preliminary Streetscape Options

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Kane Creek Streetscape Possible Options 1 Opens in new windowKane Creek Streetscape Possible Options 2 Opens in new window

Kane Creek Boulevard Preliminary Sustainability Options

The Sustainibility PDF includes multiple pages so please click the image below to view all options under consideration for landscaping, art, furniture, and other features.

Kane Creek Boulevard Sustainability Options 1 Opens in new window