City Streetlight Conversion Project

Night Sky Light graphic

"Dark Skies” means better light, not less.

Effective lighting provides visibility where it’s needed but not where it's not. That leads to less light pollution in the sky and better targeted light where it's needed on the ground. In upgrading City streetlights to LEDs we will reduce skyglow, light our evening travels, and save energy and money with efficient fixtures.

The City of Moab adopted new lighting standards in 2019 and updated it in 2023. Now, Moab is working toward meeting these standards through retrofits for the decorative lights on Main Street and Rocky Mountain operated streetlights throughout town.

With updated code and retrofits underway, Moab will be ready to become a certified International Dark Sky Community.

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Dark sky test fixture on Main Street Moab

Decorative Streetlight Invitation for Feedback

Lights from 200S to 300S on Main St.
February 20-March 20, 2024

Main Street has unique city-managed fixtures with a lens that drops below the bell-shaped shields (see old-style fixture below). These are not compliant with the city's lighting code. To bring these lights into compliance, the City is demonstrating 2400K and 3000K- colored, LED dark sky retrofits to the lights (see retrofitted fixture on left).

  • Both colors of lights will point the light down instead of up.
  • They will minimize blue light, associated with negative health effects.
  • The new lights will be slightly brighter for safety.
  • They will also require less maintenance and have greater longevity.

Please email with your thoughts, especially on:

  • Color of light
  • Color rendering
  • Brightness
    • Safety
    • Glare
Decorative fixture dark sky test block: 200 S to 300 S

Decorative stretlight before dark sky retrofit