Renewable Energy

The City of Moab currently offsets 100% of our electric power with Blue Sky solar credits, and have committed to 100% renewable energy by 2030. In addition, there are solar arrays on five City-owned buildings which offset part of our power bill each month. Stay tuned for up-to-date numbers shared on this website soon.

The Community Renewable Energy Act (HB 411) was passed by the Utah Legislature in the 2019 legislative session, authorizing next steps that will define the rules, rates and expectations for participating communities and customers in Utah desiring net-100% renewable electricity. The process required to achieve this goal will take place over the next nine years to achieve the goal by 2030.

The City of Moab is an "anchor community" as part of the “Utah 100 communities” coalition. This is the group of communities that passed 100% renewable by 2030 resolutions in 2019, making them eligible to participate in the Community Renewable Energy Program. Grand County is also an anchor community in this process, and has passed the same resolution.

The Utah 100 Communities effort was launched in January 2020 to convene all the eligible local governments and begin work to identify projects, set rates, and define rules of participation. As of July 2021, 14 local governments have signed on to the Governance Agreement and the Community Renewable Energy Agency was created. 

You can find more information here: and see public meeting notices here.