Local Licensed Contractors

Contractors working in Moab City must hold an active Utah Contractor’s License. Architects and Engineers must also hold a Utah Professional License if they are working on commercial designs. When hiring a contractor, engineer, and/or architect, please check the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing for their license information.

Following are lists of licensed contractors based in Moab and the surrounding area. If you are a licensed local contractor and would like to be added to this list, please contact the Moab City Planning Department at 435-259-5129. 

Printable Local Contractors List


R156-55a-301. License Classifications - Scope of Practice. (1) In accordance with Subsection 58-55-301(2), the classifications of licensure are listed and described in this section. The construction trades or specialty contractor classifications listed are those determined to significantly impact the public health, safety, and welfare. A person who is engaged in work which is included in the items listed in Subsections R156-55a-301(4) and (5) is exempt from licensure in accordance with Subsection 58-55-305(1)(i). (2) Licenses shall be issued in the following primary classifications and sub-classifications: 

  1. B100 - General Building
  2. E100 - General Engineering
  3. Architects
  4. Engineers/Land Surveyors
  5. R100 - Residential & Small Commercial 
  6. R200 - Factory Built Housing 
  7. E200 - General Electrical
  8. E202 - Solar Photovoltaic
  9. P200 - General Plumbing 
  10. S250 - Insulation 
  11. S260 General Concrete 
  12. S270 - General Drywall /Plastering
  13. S350 - HVAC Qualifier
  14. S300 General Painting

A General BUILDING contractor is a contractor licensed to perform work as defined in Subsection 58-55-102(21)

Andrew Leonard Kubik Andrew Kubik 406-461-5565
AW Construction Inc Bill Winfield 435-200-9388
Ben Byrd Construction LLC Ben Byrd 435-259-0224 
Blake Construction LLC Travis Blake 435-260-8307
BL Beck Construction  Bruce Beck 435-220-0832
Canyon Country Construction LLC Lloyd Wilson 435-260-8871
CB Earthworks LLC Chris Carter 435-259-5986
Chad Ivan McDonald Chad McDonald 435-260-1466
CHP Electrical Services Inc. Patrick Davis 801-898-2426
Darrin Wells Darrin Wells 435-260-8354
Dave Sadoff Construction LLC Dave Sadoff 435-260-0975
Delray Construction Inc Josh Ray 435-259-0515
Eco Logic Design Build, LLC  Eric Plourde 435-210-0241
Ehlers Construction, Inc  Jared Ehlers  435-259-9499
Guerrero Construction Monty Guerrero 435-259-4641
Hal Price Berry  Hal Berry 435-210-4424
Henderson Builders LLC Jason Henderson 435-259-4111
J2 Builders LLC Brandon Jones 435-220-0089
John Raymond Huff John Huff 435-669-2219
JRJ Construction  Jeff Johnston 435-260-1205
J W Construction Jon Winkler 435-260-1276
J W Nelson Contracting Jim Nelson 435-259-6086
K.T.M. Construction, Inc.  Jeramey McElhaney 435-259-2454
Keith Carroll Construction, LLC  Keith Carroll 435-259-9141
Kevin Bowden Construction Kevin Bowden  435-259-0224
K & K Construction Inc  Danny Key  435-259-6224
Kirk Defond  Kirk Defond 435-259-7364
Lowrey Construction LLC Robert Lowrey  435-881-2340
McElhaney Construction, LLC Rick McElhaney 435-259-7907
Moab Construction Inc Guy Johnston 435-259-8529
Moab Man Enterprises Charlie Every 435-259-9305
Moab Plumbing Inc Doug Whipple Jr 435-259-5664
Moab Stucco LLC Jim Whatcott 435-260-8808
Moab Valley Construction Co. Kyle Kimmerle 435-260-1326
MWC West LLC Matt Lammert 435-260-1862
Nichols Contracting LLC Doug Nichols 970-683-1517
Jim O'Connor Enterprises, Inc  Steve Barlow 435-467-4025
Pinnacle Contracting, LLC Martin Davis 435-210-0121
R Tolley Construction LLC Ray Tolley 435-259-1074
Reel Good Construction and Remodeling LLC Brandy Goodsell 435-210-1755
Round Mountain Builders, LLC Mitch Stock  435-259-8508
SA Construction LLC Harold Saunders 435-260-9674
Stacy R Wimmer Contracting Stacy Wimmer 435-259-3072
Sunny Canyon Construction LLC Weylin Jones 435-210-8055
Trinity General Construction LLC Shane Ward 435-260-8469
Triple J Construction Jamie Johnston 435-259-9988
TWS Construction Incorporated  Tye Shumway 435-459-9724
Archie Phillips Walker Archie Walker 435-259-8639
Ward's Construction Company  Jerald Ward  435-259-8443