Building Inspection


The City of Moab is excited to be able to offer our "one-stop shopping" for construction as we move forward with the Planning and Zoning and City's in-house Engineering team, to complete the City's full team of planning, zoning, engineering, and building services.

Please bear with us during our department's transition period. This is a new service and our personnel may not be familiar with you.
All applications, plans, and additional construction documents (including digital versions) required for City building permits should be submitted to the City of Moab's Building Official at for review and to obtain a permit. 

To schedule an inspection, contact the City of Moab at 435-259-5129; 24-hour advance notice is required for scheduling inspections. When calling to schedule an inspection, provide the building permit number and/or the correct address. We will continue to use iWorQ for permit management, plan reviews, and inspections. City Building Permit Application forms are available below under "Forms." Check back to our website weeks for additional information and resources.

effective july 1, 2019, the code cycle for all state-adopted building codes changed to the 2018 ICode version except for the international residential code. the irc is now on a six-year cycle and the 2015 version will remain in effect unless otherwise noted.

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