Rani Derasary

Rani Derasary.jpgRani Derasary began her first term on the Moab City Council in January 2016. She was motivated to run for office: 1. To serve the community she's called home since 1999, and 2. Hoping to make a make a positive difference on the pressing issues facing our city. Issues of greatest concern to her include: housing, including closing the gap between wages and housing prices; building infrastructure for the long term; balancing the needs of residents and tourists, including addressing mounting complaints about noise, traffic and safety; and protecting air and water resources.

Rani is interested in hearing from residents and promoting community dialogue. Please feel free to email her or call her cell at 435-210-1647.

Rani was born and raised in Oakland, California, and has a bachelor's degree from the University of California Davis. Before she had as much grey hair, Rani was a river guide, did field work for the Bureau of Land Management and native plant revegetation for WildlandScapes; however, most of Rani's professional background is in administrative work for non-governmental organizations, including International Rivers Network and Canyonlands Community Recycling. Rani currently does administrative work for Moab artist Serena Supplee. She lives downtown with her husband and dog, who shamelessly encourage you to check out animals currently in need of adoption at the Moab Animal Shelter.

Email Rani

Phone: 435-210-1647