City Services and Fees

Water, Sewer, Garbage Rates

The City of Moab provides water, sewer and garbage service for residential and commercial properties within Moab city limits. You can find out about our rates for these services:

Current Utility Rates

Residential Application for Water, Sewer & Garbage Service

Commercial Application for Water & Sewer Services

Impact and Connection Fees

Impact fees are charged to new development to help pay the cost for increasing the capacity of the cities system-wide components, such as the wastewater treatment facility. Connection fees are charged for the development to connect to the city’s service lines. Should the actual cost of installation to the City of Moab exceed the minimum fee, the customer shall pay the additional connection costs. View the most recent fees in the City Master Fee Schedule.

Business License Fees

State of Utah regulations require cities to establish their business license fee schedule based on actual costs incurred for providing selected types of services to the business community. The City of Moab has conducted a cost analysis of services provided to Moab businesses. Contact the Treasurer’s Office for information about fees. View the most recent fees in the City Master Fee Schedule.

Planning and Zoning Fees

Fees are assessed for a variety of services and applications related to Planning and Zoning. Most of these fees are meant to cover some of the administrative and processing costs associated with the services and application. View the most recent fees in the City Master Fee Schedule. Contact Moab City Planning and Zoning for additional information.

Other Fees and Charges

If you are at Moab City Hall and are in need of a photocopy, a fee applies. Please refer to the "Records Request" section of the City Master Fee Schedule in City Code for information.

Stormwater Rate Information

On June 1, 2008, the City of Moab implemented a stormwater utility. Find information about the stormwater utility charge that City residents and businesses will see on their City Utility Bill:
City Utility Rate Information