Meet the Mayor

Mayor Emily NiehausCurrent Term

January 2, 2018 to December 31, 2021.

About Mayor Emily Niehaus

Emily S. Niehaus began her term as the Mayor of Moab in 2018. She serves on a number of state and local boards and committees including the Utah Water Quality Board, the Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments, the Governor’s Rural Partnership Board, and the Utah League of Cities and Towns Board. 

Emily holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Sociology from Clemson University and has worked in Moab as a social worker, a loan officer, a bookkeeper, and as the founder and director of the affordable housing corporation Community Rebuilds. She enjoys life in Moab with her husband and son, and she is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as Moab’s Mayor.

Email the Mayor

To reach Mayor Niehaus by telephone, please call 435-259-5121.