Police Department


The Moab City Police Department currently consists of 21 employees, including 15 officers and six civil employees. Headed by the Chief of Police, with a lieutenant second in command, the department has two sergeants, three detectives, and eight patrol officers. Also managed by the Police Department are two animal control officers, an animal shelter manager, and one crossing guard.

Community Involvement

The Moab City Police Department has actively participated in the Drug Abuse Resistance and Education, or D.A.R.E., program since 1990. The program promotes the prevention of drug use and drug-related crimes to children, kindergarten through sixth grades. In 1996, the City of Moab adopted drug-free zones, with designation and enforcement in accordance with state statutes.

In addition to D.A.R.E., the officers began participation of a program sponsored by Subway called "Playin' It Safe" in August of 2013. The program rewards children for practicing safe habits, such as wearing safety equipment, or properly crossing the road.

Officer and Staff Complaints & Commendations

The Moab City Police Department is dedicated to providing high quality, efficient law enforcement services to Moab citizens, business owners and visitors.

Commend an officer 
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Who doesn’t appreciate a compliment? If you’d like to make us aware of a job well done by one of our officers or other employees please submit a commendation. Commendationbutton2 For Web

File a complaint  

If you feel that a member of the Police Department has acted improperly in the course of his or her work – through the discourteous treatment of you or someone you know, failing to take action, writing an inaccurate report, using unnecessary force, or any other police action you feel is inappropriate – we want to hear from you. File a complaint. Complaintbutton For Web