City Park Shelter

The City Parks Department takes great pride in the city's beautiful and scenic parks and trail-way system. Our goal is to continually enhance and beautify the city's green spaces so that those who use our parks and trails will have a positive and memorable experience.

City Parks

Our beautiful city parks are always in high demand. If you would like to reserve one of our parks for a special occasion, please refer to our Park Regulations as well as the Parks Fee Schedule.

You can check park availability and make your reservation online! Make your reservation early - popular dates fill up quickly!

If you are planning a Special Event, other arrangements and applications will be required.

  • Swanny City Park- located between 100 and 200 West from 300 to 400 North.
  • Old City Park- located at the intersection of Old City Park Road and Murphy Lane.
  • Rotary Park- located at 680 Mill Creek Drive. The theme of this park revolves around music. There are many musical instruments that are playground oriented for the children to enjoy, although traditional playground equipment is still available at the park.
  • Lions Park - located on the banks of the Colorado River on SR 128 at the intersection of U.S. 191. 

Other Parks

We have a number of less developed, smaller, and more specialized parks which include the skate park which is in the Swanny City Park:

  • The BMX Track at 500 West and Williams Way.  Restrooms at this park will close Nov.1 for the winter season.
  • Bullock Cross Creeks Park and Mill Creek Trail Park that are along the Mill Creek pathway.
  • There is a pocket park located at 400 East 300 South called Dixie Park.
  • The Bark Park is an off-leash dog park located at 100 East 300 South on the Southeast corner of the intersection. This is a great place to bring your dog so they can exercise, run, and play unleashed. Please clean up after your dog!
  • Robin Groff Memorial Park  Restrooms at this park will close Nov.1 for the winter season.

The above parks and trails along with all other city-owned green spaces within city limits are cared for by the City of Moab Parks Department. There are 35 acres of developed parks and 12 acres of non-designated open space which city personnel take care of.

Future Trails

See our Trails page for more information about existing and future trails.