Moab City's Engineering Department works closely with the city's officials, boards, commissions, and residents to resolve various engineering issues. The Engineering Department is responsible for preparing plans, cost estimates, and reports concerning public improvements that the city is considering undertaking. They make recommendations regarding certain aspects of dedication plans, utility plans, and all aspects of private development plans.

Infrastructure Projects

Staff provides information, recommendations, and services to construct, preserve and improve the city's infrastructure. Staff offers technical assistance to ensure public improvements are cost-effective and consistent with city standards. This also includes project overview, contract awards, bid information, notice for sealed bids, and bid tabulations.DJI_0014 cropped


Additional Engineering Department duties include reviewing design documents for private residential, commercial, and industrial development. City requirements and standards of infrastructure construction are utilized through our review. The Engineering Department provides consulting services for other departments and works especially close with the Public Works department and Planning department for site reviews.

GIS / Mapping

GIS is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data. The Engineering Department creates maps and assists the other City of Moab departments with the analysis of information such as zoning, trails and parks, utility information, stormwater management, and dam safety. This information is used as part of the decision making process for project planning.