Leash Laws & Pet Tags


All domestic pets are required by City and County ordinances to be under the owner's control either by leash, cord, chain, or other means of physical control whenever they leave your property. Additionally, they must have a current rabies tag and current city or county license. Both dogs and cats are subject to these regulations.

Rabies Tags

Rabies tags are given from the vet clinic, at the time of vaccination; city licenses may be purchased at the Moab Animal Shelter.

License Fees

Costs are as follows:

  • Free for the lifetime of a spayed or neutered animal
  • $25 annually for an un-neutered male $25 annually for an un-spayed female


When an animal is picked up for violation of the leash law, it will be taken to the Moab City Animal Shelter for shelter and care. If not claimed by an owner, the animal is held at the shelter for a minimum of seven days, before being available for adoption.

There are fees associated with claiming your animal from the Moab City Animal Shelter.

You can find information related to animal ordinances in the municipal code in Animal Control (Chapter 6.04 Animal Control.)